Safety training for your employees

A sure fire way - pun intended - to keep people calm, collected, and cool in the face of any fire encounter

When it comes to emergency preparedness, the “practice makes perfect” approach is critically important. Federal and Cal-OSHA standards require employees of any business where portable fire extinguishers are provided, to receive educational, hands-on extinguisher training annually (see Fed reg 1910.157(g)(1).)  This is where we come in!  

Our very own Los Padres Fire Academy is a truly unique, comprehensive and immersive fire training workshop customized to fit your company, specific location and most of all, your employee needs. We provide:

  • In-person instruction
  • Live-fire extinguisher demonstrations (where permitted) and fire safety and emergency exercises
  • An array of curriculum materials and formal written tests with official certificates of completion for each participant

Our program can accommodate groups of any size and in any capacity: onsite, in field, hybrid/remote, etc.

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Customer needs are always our top priority, which is why we approach every job with flexibility and professionalism

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When Los Padres Fire Protection is your service partner, we ensure that your operation will be in code and fully compliant with state regulations


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